The AID FOR UKRAINE Foundation was created out of a heartfelt need to urgently help refugees from Ukraine.

Right after Russia invaded Ukraine many civilians and governments from all over the world felt the same need.

This resulted in a lot of different initiatives, but a central place where all these initiatives are brought together is missing, making it difficult for refugees to find all the help that is being offered.

Therefor the main objective of the foundation is to create one central platform in which all the aid activities are brought together, easily accessible on mobile phone both for refugees and volunteers.

The vast majority of the Ukrainian refugees cross the border to Poland. The foundation has a big team of highly motivated volunteers on the ground in Poland giving direct assistance in finding accommodation, work and medical care. It is evident that Poland can’t give the required aid to all those crossing the Polish border. Therefor it is vital that the aid in other countries becomes easily accessible through the platform.

A full list of the Foundation's goals can be found in the STATUTES section.

In order to be able to provide the Ukrainian refuges with a stable and long-term support, the foundation has launched a fundraising campaign. The request for support is addressed to public institutions, companies and private persons.

Thank you in advance for your donations and help.


My name is Magdalena Polak-Bledowska and I was born in Poland.

Since 15 years I live in The Netherlands together with my Dutch husband, Jasper, and two daughters Rosa and Lara (2 and 6 years old).

I graduated law in Germany with special interest in international human rights. I am currently working as in-house legal counsel for Live Person, Inc., the no. 1 AI company in the world.

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